Happy Cat

Happy cat


Simple Drawings

Hi I’m Betty. I’m not an artist but I’ve always liked to draw just simple things. I like to keep busy and drawing is a creative outlet for me, so in my idle time I draw. All the drawings are created on my computer and using the paint program. It’s a little different from drawing with pen, pencil or a paint brush on paper.  It took a little time getting use to the brushes and which one works best and all the other etcs, but I think I’m getting the hang of it. After drawing my picture I get to fill it with any color I choose.  Some of the drawings are cards I sent via email to friends or if I want to I can print them out.

My Dad used to tell me when I was young and had chores to do “Betty, don’t dillydally”. Now I can dally as much as I please. 🙂